Saturday, January 23, 2010

Northern California Pig and Turkey Hunt Information

Northern California is home to a growing pig population.  The DASH Ranch offers some of the best wild pig hunting in Shasta County.  Our one-on-one guided hog hunts are spot and stalk, fair-chase hunts. (No dogs.) The wild pigs in this area are a dark-haired, European (Russian) breed. They usually run in groups of 7-15 hogs, but a group of 30 is a common find.  The biggest wild boars we see are generally alone or with another big boar. They can run over 300 lbs and have tusks easily over 2 inches long.  However, wild hogs in the 75 - 150 lb range make the best table fare.  Wild hogs are tough game animals to bring down. Larger hogs have thick, shielded shoulders that require a rifle with plenty of knock down power to anchor them. Although a .243 will work, we like to see .270, 30-06, 300, or 7mm. Bigger is better when it comes to stopping wild hogs. Our 1-day guided wild pig hunt includes: the field dressing and skinning of your pig, 3 meals and an overnight stay in our bunkhouse. Since 95% of our hunters shoot a wild hog at a distance of less than 150 yards, you are practically guaranteed to take home a pig.    

Our California wild turkey hunts are private-ranch, fully guided, Spring turkey hunts.  The season opens at the end of March and the weather is generally mild. Our ranch has long, deep, brushy canyons running through it with many Digger Pines which make for perfect roosting trees.  In the fall, it’s common to see groups of turkeys with over 150 birds in them.  In the Spring, these large groups break up into smaller bunches, and the long beards show up.  We have the birds and the right habitat—which means the DASH Ranch can offer you some of the best wild turkey hunting in California.  These are 2-day hunts that include a one-on-one guide, meals, lodging in our bunkhouse and the cleaning of your bird.  

For more information, or to book a hunt, contact Dave Morrow at (530) 941-2112 or email him at   

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