Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recent Pig Hunts

Congratulations to friends Dan and Sal who both got boars at the end of May.

Sal, pictured below, got a perfect-for-eating-sized boar early in the evening. It may be ugly, but it will sure taste good. Dan, pictured to the right, got this 250+ lb boar with nice tusks in a quick take-down later the same evening. Good job to both hunters.

Our most recent hunt on July 1st was a father-son team. 

19 year old Francis, who will be attending Arizona State in the fall, shot a nice-sized eater sow. His father, Ray, pictured below, got a hefty boar for himself. Congratulations to both.

Good shootin’ by all our recent guests--and congratulations again on your hogs!

There are still pig hunts available for the remainder of July and August. It's toasty up here in the summer, so the animals don’t move much during the day. Hunting is best in the cooler evening times. Check the website for more information about booking a wild pig hunt.

A look ahead to the Fall and deer season:

We had a recent deer hunt cancellation: the scheduled hunter didn’t draw the necessary “C-Tag” needed for this zone. If you have a C-Tag and would like to book a 3-day hunt some time between September 18 and October 4, give us a call. First come first served--only one spot available.

As for the deer hunting itself, it should be excellent, as always, this fall. The trees are loaded with blacktail deer's main source of food: acorns. They will come straight through the ranch during their migration in the fall. We’ve also spotted a few big bucks around this summer; maybe they’ve decided to make the ranch their year-round home...  

For more information about 3-day blacktail deer hunts check the website or call (530) 941-2112.