Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some of Our Fall Blacktail Deer Hunts

What an unusual deer season we had this year; I can't remember it ever being so hot. We had 100 degree days and deer still in velvet. The oak trees were loaded with acorns, but none were dropping. Mother nature seemed to be about two or three weeks behind schedule. But, despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions, all our hunters (including the four seen below) got what they came for. 

The first hunter of the season was Gordon from Sparks, Nevada. He stuck it out through the blaze and scored a nice 3x3 buck that barely had the velvet scraped off. 

Our next hunter to brave the heat was Curtis from the Northern California coast. Curtis dropped a nice 4x3 buck seen below. 


Then we had Ray back, from San Francisco, who whacked another big 4x4 buck this year. He's been on a roll the past few years-- always good to have him up.

And to finish off the season, Sal returned once again. He bagged a heavy-horned 4x4 that also still had some velvet on its rack. Great work.


Congratulations to all our hunters this year for sticking it out in the unseasonably hot conditions and keeping our 100% success rate intact. Excellent work, guys.

If you would like to book a blacktail deer, wild pig, elk, or turkey hunt at the DASH ranch, contact Dave Morrow @ 530-941-2112.