Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall Deer Hunts 2015

This was a tough year. The weather stayed hot longer than usual, which meant the larger bucks stayed in the higher regions until after the season ended. There were plenty of does and small bucks, but the trophy bucks stayed in the high country. With the warmer nights, the flies stuck around pestering the deer--which made them easy to spot with all their ear-flapping. Despite the less than ideal conditions, we still had a 100% success rate, and three of our hunters still managed to get respectable bucks.

 Ashley, from the Sacramento area, came up with her 
dad, John, who flew out from Pennsylvania to join her on her hunt.
She shot a nice 3X4.

 Mike got a 3X3. He is also from the Sacrament area. 

Paul, from San Francisco, with a nice 4X4.

Congratulations and good job to all our hunters this season. 

If you are interested in booking a Spring pig or turkey hunt, contact Dave @ 530-945-2112 or It should be a good season for both seeing as how the rains have finally started. If you are interested in booking a deer hunt for next season, call to see about availability soon, as we book up every year. We anticipate a much better deer season for 2016 given the rain predictions and the carry-over deer from this year.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

2015 Pig and Turkey Hunts

The Spring pig hunts, despite the droughty-weather and low pig numbers, remain at a 100% success rate. That's because we will only take you out if we are seeing pigs. Paul, one of our regular hunters, came up from San Francisco and bagged a nice tusker, then he went out the next day and got himself a turkey. Then Austin, from Redding, joined us for a turkey hunt. Congratulations to him on his bird and on his high school graduation from Foothill High School. (Go Cougars!) We wish him all the best as he heads off to college soon. Austin came back and joined his grandpa, Keith, for another successful turkey hunt. We finished our Spring pig hunts with Tom from Oregon, Chuck and his grandson from Redding, and Rick, also from Redding. Congratulations to all our hunters. 

We're looking forward to this year's deer season. We haven't had much rain, but there's still a lot of water on the ranch and the acorn crop looks promising. We are booked for this fall deer season, but check with us in November for any openings in the 2016 deer season. Contact Dave at 530.941.2112 or email: FYI: We're busy ranchers, so it could take Dave a week to get back to you, but don't despair, he will respond... unless you sound crazy. Example: "Can I borrow a gun from you?"

Paul, San Francisco       

Paul with a possible record book 18" bearded Rio Grande turkey! 
(...Wait a minute... that looks like a pig tail. Hmm.)

Austin, Redding
Keith, Susanville (Austin holding the turkey for his grandpa)

Tom, Oregon

Chuck with his grandson, Redding

Rick, Redding

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Hunts

Well, it's been quite a while since our last post... but, better late than never, right? Here's what's been going on for the last year, starting with the most recent fall hunts and working our way back to spring.

There were very few cow elk on the ranch this year, which was disappointing since we had a ranch tag for a cow hunt. However, we were seeing some tremendous bulls... darn. This next season should be strong in both cow and bull hunts with the return of steady rains and a solid growth of grasses coming in.

Deer hunting was tougher than normal, mostly due to the drought and unusually warm weather. The acorn crop wasn't what we expected. We didn't see the number of big bucks we usually do, most likely due to the drought and scarcity of acorns. Despite the challenges, however, we are happy to say that all of our hunters were successful.
Sal, Walnut Creek, CA

Ray, San Francisco, CA

Luke, Windsor, CA

Dennis with wife Katie, Chehalis, WA

Rob, Central Point, OR

Pig hunting was also tough this year... we didn't have much spring rain so there was very little grass this summer and fall. However, we started seeing a few pigs at the first part of summer, so we took Luke out and he was successful. Sorry to the guys we had to turn down this year, but we don't want to take you out if the pigs aren't around. The pigs should rebound quickly--this year is looking hopeful given the amount of rain we've already received and the new grasses and clover already coming on.

Luke, Red Bluff, CA

Spring turkey hunts were good--a lot of birds this year. Here's a couple of the hunters would came to the ranch this year. Blain joined us all the way from Pennsylvania to bag a Rio Grande Turkey. There's a lot of carry-over turkeys this year; they had a good hatch. It should be another great spring hunting season.

Luke, Windsor, CA

Blaine, York, PA

If you would like to book a hunt for Rocky Mountain Elk, Blacktail Deer, Pig, or Rio Grande Turkey, call Dave at: 530.941.2112

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rocky Mountain Elk at the DASH Ranch

The Rocky Mountain Elk herd continues to increase in the Northeastern hunt zone.  The DASH Ranch is unique in that a good number of trophy bulls start to gather their harems in this area for breeding during the fall rut between late August and November. 

Elk season starts mid-September, so if you are fortunate enough to draw an elk tag for elk hunt numbers 304 or 305 Northeastern CA, give Dave a call at 530.945.2112

Dave, DASH Ranch Owner/Guide

Gary, from Salinas
Guides Dan Davis and Brendon Smith brought Gary to the DASH Ranch

Deer Season

Deer Season 2013 was a successful season despite the warmer than normal temperatures. We had an inch of rain during opening weekend, but it stayed dry the rest of the season. The acorn crop was better than average, which brought down plenty of blacktail deer. All of our hunters scored bucks, here's a look at some of them.

The DASH Ranch sits within the Deer Hunting Zone C. We also offer Rocky Mountain Elk hunts--for that we sit in hunt area 305 Northeastern CA Bull and 304 Northeastern CA Antlerless. pig, turkey, and blacktail deer hunts on the property. If you are interested in booking a hunt, give Dave a call at 530.941.2112 or visit the website.

Paul, from San Francisco

Rick, from Redding

Sal, from Walnut Creek

Rob, from Oregon
Ray, from San Francisco

Ray, who has shot some trophy blacktail bucks here, was on the hunt for one that could top his last few kills. After turning down a number tremendous blacktails, that most guys would think you're out of your mind to pass up, at the last hour of his hunt he had to settle for this "pepperoni buck." (His girlfriend requested pepperoni sticks, so he had to return with something.)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It has been a busy year at the DASH Ranch, which means we haven't had time to keep up with all our successful hunts on the blog. However, we wanted to make sure to give you some of the highlights from this last Spring and Summer.

In early summer, Rick, from Redding, Ca. came up to the ranch for a one-day pig hunt and scored this big hog. Congratulations, Rick.

And, last spring Bill joined us all the way from Vancouver, Wa. for a two-day combination pig and turkey hunt. He got himself two big gobblers (one of them featured here) and  nice meat pig for his freezer. Great hunt, Bill.

We are looking forward to the fall hunting season; there are a lot of acorns on the ground, which means there should be plenty of deer to choose from. If you're interested in a deer hunt this fall, contact Dave at 530-941-2112 or to check out all our hunts, which includes our newest addition, elk, just follow the link to our main website at:

Happy Hunting.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some of Our Fall Blacktail Deer Hunts

What an unusual deer season we had this year; I can't remember it ever being so hot. We had 100 degree days and deer still in velvet. The oak trees were loaded with acorns, but none were dropping. Mother nature seemed to be about two or three weeks behind schedule. But, despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions, all our hunters (including the four seen below) got what they came for. 

The first hunter of the season was Gordon from Sparks, Nevada. He stuck it out through the blaze and scored a nice 3x3 buck that barely had the velvet scraped off. 

Our next hunter to brave the heat was Curtis from the Northern California coast. Curtis dropped a nice 4x3 buck seen below. 


Then we had Ray back, from San Francisco, who whacked another big 4x4 buck this year. He's been on a roll the past few years-- always good to have him up.

And to finish off the season, Sal returned once again. He bagged a heavy-horned 4x4 that also still had some velvet on its rack. Great work.


Congratulations to all our hunters this year for sticking it out in the unseasonably hot conditions and keeping our 100% success rate intact. Excellent work, guys.

If you would like to book a blacktail deer, wild pig, elk, or turkey hunt at the DASH ranch, contact Dave Morrow @ 530-941-2112.