Saturday, August 8, 2015

2015 Pig and Turkey Hunts

The Spring pig hunts, despite the droughty-weather and low pig numbers, remain at a 100% success rate. That's because we will only take you out if we are seeing pigs. Paul, one of our regular hunters, came up from San Francisco and bagged a nice tusker, then he went out the next day and got himself a turkey. Then Austin, from Redding, joined us for a turkey hunt. Congratulations to him on his bird and on his high school graduation from Foothill High School. (Go Cougars!) We wish him all the best as he heads off to college soon. Austin came back and joined his grandpa, Keith, for another successful turkey hunt. We finished our Spring pig hunts with Tom from Oregon, Chuck and his grandson from Redding, and Rick, also from Redding. Congratulations to all our hunters. 

We're looking forward to this year's deer season. We haven't had much rain, but there's still a lot of water on the ranch and the acorn crop looks promising. We are booked for this fall deer season, but check with us in November for any openings in the 2016 deer season. Contact Dave at 530.941.2112 or email: FYI: We're busy ranchers, so it could take Dave a week to get back to you, but don't despair, he will respond... unless you sound crazy. Example: "Can I borrow a gun from you?"

Paul, San Francisco       

Paul with a possible record book 18" bearded Rio Grande turkey! 
(...Wait a minute... that looks like a pig tail. Hmm.)

Austin, Redding
Keith, Susanville (Austin holding the turkey for his grandpa)

Tom, Oregon

Chuck with his grandson, Redding

Rick, Redding

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