Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blacktail Deer Hunts, Fall 2010

Blacktail deer hunts once again had a 100% success rate! Here are a few of the bucks that you, too, can have the opportunity to take at the DASH Ranch. It's time to start thinking about where you want to hunt this next season; if you like what you see here, and want an opportunity for a trophy of your own, contact Dave today.

First up, Heather and her 4 x 4 with massive eye-guards:

Second, we have Dan with his trophy 4 x 4:

And last, but not least, we have Ray with a nice, heavy-horned 4 x 4:

Congratulations to all our 2010 deer hunters for another great year!

For more information about our deer hunts, contact Dave at the DASH Ranch: 530-941-2112

Recent Pig Hunts

Brothers Tanner and Eric tag teamed for a couple nice pigs.

Check out the cutters on Eric's trophy hog:

And Tanner opened up a can on his:

Congratulations Guys!

California Valley Quail Hunting

The late spring rains and plenty of feed made for a bumper crop of valley quail this year. Deer season just ended and we are gearing up to start working and shipping cattle, so these birds have yet to be hunted. If you're up for some California quail hunting between now and the end of January, contact Dave at the DASH Ranch.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Now Offering Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts

The DASH Ranch now offers Rocky Mountain Elk Hunts for those lucky enough to obtain one of the following-- highly coveted-- elk tags: Northeastern California Antlerless Elk tag, Northeastern California Bull Elk Hunt tag, or the Archery (either sex) Elk Hunt tag.

Because Fish & Game has expanded the existing northeastern hunt zones, the DASH Ranch now finds itself in prime elk hunting territory.  We have large, old bulls that have never been hunted in this area before. If you were lucky enough to draw a tag to hunt Rocky Mountain Elk in the this zone, we would love to guide a hunt for you on the DASH Ranch.

Call Dave directly to discuss the hunt, accommodations and price: (530) 941-2112

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recent Pig Hunts

Congratulations to friends Dan and Sal who both got boars at the end of May.

Sal, pictured below, got a perfect-for-eating-sized boar early in the evening. It may be ugly, but it will sure taste good. Dan, pictured to the right, got this 250+ lb boar with nice tusks in a quick take-down later the same evening. Good job to both hunters.

Our most recent hunt on July 1st was a father-son team. 

19 year old Francis, who will be attending Arizona State in the fall, shot a nice-sized eater sow. His father, Ray, pictured below, got a hefty boar for himself. Congratulations to both.

Good shootin’ by all our recent guests--and congratulations again on your hogs!

There are still pig hunts available for the remainder of July and August. It's toasty up here in the summer, so the animals don’t move much during the day. Hunting is best in the cooler evening times. Check the website for more information about booking a wild pig hunt.

A look ahead to the Fall and deer season:

We had a recent deer hunt cancellation: the scheduled hunter didn’t draw the necessary “C-Tag” needed for this zone. If you have a C-Tag and would like to book a 3-day hunt some time between September 18 and October 4, give us a call. First come first served--only one spot available.

As for the deer hunting itself, it should be excellent, as always, this fall. The trees are loaded with blacktail deer's main source of food: acorns. They will come straight through the ranch during their migration in the fall. We’ve also spotted a few big bucks around this summer; maybe they’ve decided to make the ranch their year-round home...  

For more information about 3-day blacktail deer hunts check the website or call (530) 941-2112.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Proud Father

April was a good hunting month at the ranch: it began and ended with hunting success. We were happy to have one of Oregon's top fishing guides, Bob Stockdall, and his son, Kyle, join us in the last weekend of the month for a pig hunt. At only 14 years old, Kyle made his father proud by keeping his cool and getting his first pig, pictured above. Congratulations Kyle, that's a great looking hog! 

On a different note, deer season is approaching and hunts are booking up fast. We allow a maximum of six hunts per deer season and have only two spots left--which means you should get your tag now. The Dash Ranch was recently listed by Fish and Game as Hunt Zone C-3, which requires a Premium Deer Tag. You can get more information and enter your name for the Premium Deer Tag lottery, by clicking HERE. We've heard through the grapevine that it should be fairly easy to attain a tag this year...but you still have to get your name in! 

Good luck and happy hunting...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Congratulations is in order...

to Court from Oregon. He bagged his first two wild boars this weekend! Good hunting Court.

We've been experiencing a bit of scattered rain up at the ranch, but that hasn't kept the animals away. In fact, the natural springs, ponds and creeks are filling up extra high, which will ensure a healthy population of game well throughout the summer this year.

As for hunts going on right now, as long as the winds stay low, hunting conditions are great. All of the recent pig hunts have been successful-- we're keeping that 100% success rate alive. Also the turkeys are out and about in large flocks right now. We've seen a number of gobblers with 1o inch beards for the taking. 

Hunts are starting to book up, but we'd love to have some new visitors this Spring.

Give us a call or shoot us an email to book your choice hunt.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Special: Wild Pig Hunts

Reduced rate one-day pig hunts are now available for Spring. We've had a 100% success rate this year, so take advantage of this limited time 1-day hunt offer.

For $450 you'll get an all-day guided hunt with field dressing.
(No overnight stay or meals provided.)

For other boar hunt options, go to our official website at
Or contact Dave Morrow at (530) 941-2112

The DASH Ranch is located 30 miles east of Redding in Northern California's Shasta County.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Current Hunts: Pig

We've had a lot of rain this week at the DASH Ranch, but the pigs are still out there. Clear skies are on the way, rain is already subsiding, and wild boar hunts are still red hot.
Click here for more info.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Northern California Pig and Turkey Hunt Information

Northern California is home to a growing pig population.  The DASH Ranch offers some of the best wild pig hunting in Shasta County.  Our one-on-one guided hog hunts are spot and stalk, fair-chase hunts. (No dogs.) The wild pigs in this area are a dark-haired, European (Russian) breed. They usually run in groups of 7-15 hogs, but a group of 30 is a common find.  The biggest wild boars we see are generally alone or with another big boar. They can run over 300 lbs and have tusks easily over 2 inches long.  However, wild hogs in the 75 - 150 lb range make the best table fare.  Wild hogs are tough game animals to bring down. Larger hogs have thick, shielded shoulders that require a rifle with plenty of knock down power to anchor them. Although a .243 will work, we like to see .270, 30-06, 300, or 7mm. Bigger is better when it comes to stopping wild hogs. Our 1-day guided wild pig hunt includes: the field dressing and skinning of your pig, 3 meals and an overnight stay in our bunkhouse. Since 95% of our hunters shoot a wild hog at a distance of less than 150 yards, you are practically guaranteed to take home a pig.    

Our California wild turkey hunts are private-ranch, fully guided, Spring turkey hunts.  The season opens at the end of March and the weather is generally mild. Our ranch has long, deep, brushy canyons running through it with many Digger Pines which make for perfect roosting trees.  In the fall, it’s common to see groups of turkeys with over 150 birds in them.  In the Spring, these large groups break up into smaller bunches, and the long beards show up.  We have the birds and the right habitat—which means the DASH Ranch can offer you some of the best wild turkey hunting in California.  These are 2-day hunts that include a one-on-one guide, meals, lodging in our bunkhouse and the cleaning of your bird.  

For more information, or to book a hunt, contact Dave Morrow at (530) 941-2112 or email him at   

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Book Your Blacktail Deer Hunt Soon!

Our Blacktail Deer hunts are one-on-one, guided, private ranch hunts where we offer you the opportunity to harvest a trophy Blacktail Deer.  These hunts sell out every season, so you want to book soon.

The blacktail bucks start leaving the high country and migrate to the ranch in September and spend the winter here.  Blacktailed Deer rifle season starts the third weekend of September and runs for 5 weeks as per California Department of Fish and Game regulations.  We are located in the C-Zone, and in past years you could purchase a tag over the counter at Fish and Game.  This year the Department of Fish and Game is proposing to make the C-Zone a “Premium Tag,” which means you will have to enter the drawing to get one.  However, it should be fairly easy to draw a tag this year.  We can assist you in filling out your application and submitting it on time.  

Deer hunts at the Dash Ranch also include three meals a day and a bunk house with private bath, shower, towels and bedding.  We also field dress, skin and then hang your deer in our walk-in cooler.  Upon request, we can arrange for taxidermy services for your trophy.  For more information about booking a Blacktail Deer hunt, a Wild Pig hunt or Rio Grande Turkey hunt click here, or contact Dave Morrow at (530) 941-2112 or send an email to:  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dash Ranch Hunting

Visit our website at Pig hunting is "red hot" right now.