Friday, July 8, 2011

Final Summer Hunts

We had our furthest travelers, so far, visit the Dash Ranch this year. Bart and his daughter Hayley came all the way from British Columbia, Canada to hunt wild boar in late June. It was well worth their trip, too, as they were both successful in getting their first pigs. As you can see below, they each did very well for themselves.

Bart & Hayley with their pigs:

The proud father!

Because of the intense heat up here during mid-late summer, the wild pigs have primarily gone nocturnal. So, we'll have to wait till fall, after deer season, to pick up where we left off. Until then, you can call Dave at the Dash Ranch to reserve your spot for a pig hunt or to see about deer and turkey hunts.

Congratulations again to Hayley and Bart-- it was a great way to close out the summer season.

Early Summer Hog Hunts

Things have really gotten hot up here, so everyone is (as we say on the ranch) "shading up" for the rest of the summer. But, we sure had some good hunts in June before things got too toasty.

Steve got a big hog for the freezer:

Dan got this nice boar:

And last but not least, Sal was proud to carry the backpack of a friend's son stationed in Afghanistan. The backpack must have had some military mojo with it: check out the clean head shot he got on this hog:

Give us a call if you want to book a hunt for the fall. See our website for price information.