Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall Deer Hunts 2015

This was a tough year. The weather stayed hot longer than usual, which meant the larger bucks stayed in the higher regions until after the season ended. There were plenty of does and small bucks, but the trophy bucks stayed in the high country. With the warmer nights, the flies stuck around pestering the deer--which made them easy to spot with all their ear-flapping. Despite the less than ideal conditions, we still had a 100% success rate, and three of our hunters still managed to get respectable bucks.

 Ashley, from the Sacramento area, came up with her 
dad, John, who flew out from Pennsylvania to join her on her hunt.
She shot a nice 3X4.

 Mike got a 3X3. He is also from the Sacrament area. 

Paul, from San Francisco, with a nice 4X4.

Congratulations and good job to all our hunters this season. 

If you are interested in booking a Spring pig or turkey hunt, contact Dave @ 530-945-2112 or It should be a good season for both seeing as how the rains have finally started. If you are interested in booking a deer hunt for next season, call to see about availability soon, as we book up every year. We anticipate a much better deer season for 2016 given the rain predictions and the carry-over deer from this year.


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